Brodsky Smith has been appointed to serve as lead or co-lead counsel in various shareholder derivative litigation matters across the country. This type of litigation involves shareholders bringing actions on behalf of the corporation against persons who have harmed the corporation. For example, shareholders might claim that the officers and directors of a company breached their fiduciary duties to the company or its shareholders by engaging in “self-dealing,” insider selling, and/or arranging a corporation’s affairs in ways that benefit an officer and his friends at the expense of the corporation. These actions allege breach of fiduciary duties, insider selling violations, unjust enrichment, wasting of corporate assets and corporate mismanagement.

Our firm’s clients attempt to achieve corporate governance on behalf of the companies. The adoption of effective corporate governance policies provide adequate shareholder control of the corporation, effective monitoring of management’s performance, effective oversight of the board’s resolutions, close alignment of management and shareholder interests, and effective deterrence of fraud and other forms of non-compliance. Successful governance reforms will make corporate directors and executives more accountable to shareholders; instill confidence among investors in the integrity of financial markets; and protect employees, bond-holders, and other corporate constituents from fraud and egregious corporate conduct.

If you are aware of or suspect any practices that are or may be in violation of the securities laws, occurring now or at some time in the past, please contact us via phone at toll free 877-LEGAL-90 (877-534-2590), by email at or by visiting our report a fraud link. Please also view our current case list on our site.