Brodsky Smith is a leader in the field of M&A litigation, and has a proven record of obtaining monetary and injunctive relief for our clients. We have an outstanding history of achievement in challenging proposed corporate merger & acquisition transactions to improve transaction terms, provide a greater understanding of the financial basis for the transaction, and increase value for shareholders.

Mergers and acquisitions can offer great opportunities for shareholders to increase value. But they also present temptation for self-dealing and dishonesty by directors and officers, often at shareholder expense. We also engage our own financial experts to evaluate the work performed and due diligence initiated by the financial advisors to the deal. Too often, financial advisors in deals confront situations where their advice may raise questions regarding a conflict of interest due to the often incredibly large, and usually contingent, fees these advisors derive from merger work. We strive to give shareholders the next best thing to a seat at the negotiating table – strong, effective representation in cases alleging unfairness in a transaction’s price or process.

We focus on finding the best way to make our clients whole, whether through cash awards or non-monetary deal terms that increase shareholder value. While some remedies are immediate—such as an injunction against a pending merger or a change in its terms—others may take years to achieve. Our lawyers are committed to doing whatever is necessary to achieve the right resolution in every case, whether the deal is ongoing or long since closed.

If you are aware of or suspect any practices that are or may be in violation of the securities laws, occurring now or at some time in the past, please contact us via phone at toll free 877-LEGAL-90 (877-534-2590), by email at or by visiting our report a fraud link. Please also view our current case list on our site.